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School Health Publications
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Nevada: Improving School Nutrition, Strengthened by a State Wellness Policy (2015)

State School Health Policy Matrix 2.0 (2015)


As leaders across the country seek to improve student health, there is a growing need for tools to help navigate the complex world of school health policy. The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD), National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) and the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE America) have worked together to develop the State School Health Policy Matrix 2.0, an updated guide to state-level school health policies for the following topics: competitive foods and beverages, physical education and physical activity, and administration of medication in the school environment. The State School Health Policy Matrix 2.0 outlines relevant state-level policies for each of these areas, including a direct link to the policy. It also it indicates which political entity or agency adopted the policy or issued guidance, helping to answer the question – Who has historically had the authority to make policy changes in the areas of competitive foods and beverages, physical education and physical activity, and administration of medication in each state?

State Health Department Leadership in Addressing Chronic Conditions in Schools: Case Studies from Massachusetts and Missouri (2015)

Speaking Education's Language: A Guide for Public Health Professionals Working in the Education Sector (2013)


Working with schools to create healthier environments for students and staff comes with unique challenges. Public health professionals are experts in their field, but are often not as familiar with the systems, structure, language, policies and priorities that drive the education partner they are working with. Speaking Education's Language is designed to help public health professionals more effectively communicate and work with the education sector. The guidance and tips reflect the experiences, successes and failures of a wide variety of people who have worked in school health for many years.

Do Health and Education Agencies in the United States Share Responsibility for Academic Achievement and Health? A Summary of Recent Research (2014)

Partnering for Success: How Health Departments Work and How to Work with Health Departments (2009)




This publication highlights tools for people who have ever wondered how to tap into the resources of a health department and for those who currently work in a health department and want to know how to expand their reach in school health. It was developed in collaboration with and support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Division of Adolescent and School Health. It focuses on creating healthy schools, and discusses the many ways in which health departments can be of support to education departments, schools, and community leaders. Also included is a collection of one-page summaries on how health departments can help in eleven specific areas.

Partnering for Success Workshop Script provides an outline and script for a workshop focused on helping participants understand how health departments work. The first 3 hour session introduces participants to the
structure and function of state health departments and the programs and divisions within health departments that are relevant to improving school health. The second session looks look at the various roles health departments play in supporting healthy schools.

Thinking Outside the Box: Building and Sustaining School Health Programs in State Health Agencies without Dedicated Funding (2012)

Integrating Mental Health into Chronic Disease Prevention for Youth: An Opportunity for Change (2012)

Customizable One-Pagers to Promote School Health within the Health Department (2012)




Shaking off the Silo: Moving toward Coordination around School Health in the Health Department (2012)


School Health Success Stories